Recently this hashtag has been hanging out on twitter and getting noticed. Sexism is sexism, even if it's in the name of religion. Please take a moment to hear these voices. Women are being hurt by the church, and it's not okay. 

You can read more about the hashtag at  The Huffington Post.

What messages have you heard? Add them here or on Twitter.

April Fools' - You're a Woman in Ministry

Sometimes, well, a lot of the time, being a woman in ministry can feel like April Fools' Day. You think that you are going to get to a place where people no longer give you a funny look when you tell them what you do, but it seldom happens.

Here are some standard April Fools' "jokes" women hear all the time.

  • If you could just fill in and help with kids for a while, I'm sure other opportunities will open up.
  • It's a direct path from graduating ministry to having a full-time, livable-wage church position.
  • No one will care what you wear.
  • We'll find a place for you when your husband finishes seminary.
  • The guys will include you once you're ordained.
  • You're in a denomination that ordains women. You won't face discrimination.
  • The people in your congregation aren't influenced by hardline, patriarchal, complementarian authors and pastors.
  • No one will ever ask you, "Don't you want to married?" or "When are you going to have kids?". (Because we ask male ministers that all the time...)
  • Can you just plan the banquet, get all the volunteers, and speak at it? It will just be easier if you handle all the details.

These are just a sampling of things I've heard or experienced. Have some of your own? I'd love to add them to the list. 

If you're a woman in ministry, you are no joke! Thank you for the hard work you do even when people treat you like patron saint of April 1st.