The Donald on Women

No matter where you stand in the coming election, it's important to think about what your leading candidate thinks about women. We've talked about this before. And today, a video came out of women reading quotes that Donald Trump has made about women. 

To state it plainly, this is a painful and degrading statement about what Donald thinks about women. He judges women by looks alone. He makes fun of women's periods. He says women should be treated like sh*t. And the negativity goes on and on.

These statements are not a joke. They are not some offhand remark. They reflect a view that oppresses and harms women. 

Is this how we want the President of the United States to talk about women? Is this the picture we want to present to world?

The Bible makes it very clear that women are created as the imago dei, the image of God. We are a reflection of the Godhead, and rulers over all creation. In the Biblical narrative, women are warriors, the bearers of Good News, supporters of Christ, the mother of God, bringers of blessing, preachers, and missionaries. Women serve all of humanity and spread the Good News.

Women have been in the story from the very beginning and continue to be a significant way in which God works out his salvation in the world. To be seen as bodies only, to be seen as worthless and meaningless - these things are contrary to who God has created us to be.

So as we continue the primary race and as we continue towards the presidential election, remember women. How are they talked about? How are they treated? And would this candidate treat your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend?