We Are Listening. We Believe You.

I hear you.I believe you..png

We are living in changing times. The power of the #metoo, #timesup, and #churchtoo movements are shedding light on abuse that has been happening for far too long. Behaviors and attitudes that have been given a pass in our culture are no longer going unseen. Women, men, boys and girls that have been abused are standing up and saying #enough.

Today in particular we are facing a situation in the US where a powerful man is being challenged on his behavior. Things that may have seemed like jokes or teasing, things that were done behind closed doors among cheering friends are no longer going unseen.

I just wanted to make sure to say to all of you out there who are being forced to relive your own abuse, we are listening. We believe you. We are praying for you, that you might find moments of peace and rest.

I’m sorry you have lived through these things. I’m sorry the world has been so hard on you. I’m sorry you were abused.

Sad but not Silent

I am heartbroken by this election. And if that turns you off, then so be it.

I am heartbroken about what this election says about our hearts and minds as Americans. About what it says about how we value women, and people of other cultures, other colors, and other identities. 

I am devastated to hear the taunts and chants that are being repeated in schools across our land. That children, some quite young children, are exhilarated by taunting and bullying those that are different than themselves.

I fear for girls who may face danger and abuse from their classmates and not even know how to put words to it. 

I am disgusted with a Church that has resoundingly supported someone that stands against everything Christ came to do and demonstrated for us to do. 

I'm not sure where we should go from here.

But I will not be silent.

I declare that women, your voices will be heard.

You matter. God loves you. You are not just your genitals, or your looks, or your obedience. You are powerful, co-heirs of Christ. Daughters of God, made in the image. And you have the power to change the world. 

I declare that I will listen and we will create spaces to listen. If you have been abused, harassed, marginalized, belittled, or threatened, keep speaking up. I hear you. And I will fight for you. You are not invisible. 

And we will not be invisible, no matter how hard people try to silence us. The fight for women to be seen as human, is never ending. During these times, find your voice and use it. We will not go quietly or otherwise. We are here. And we will be heard so that the truth of who we are created to be will known to all. 

Voting and Women's Eqaulity

As we participate in a significant day in the life cycle of a presidential campaign, it is important to remember the views of the candidates on women's rights. While not a central issue in the current campaign language, how a candidate treats over 50% of our population does make a difference.

So as you reflect on who you want to caucus for or vote in a primary for, please reflect on how they view women.

  1. Do they treat women as equals? As human beings with great things to contribute?
  2. Do they believe that women can and should have a voice in the way our world works?
    Do they believe that women are an asset to our society?
  3. Do they believe women can only function in certain roles - primarily as homemakers and mothers? Or are they supportive of women working outside the home as well?
  4. Do they support programs and causes that protect women from abuse, rape, domestic violence, and human trafficking?
  5. Would their election to office reduce or increase the rights of women?
  6. How do they treat women? In public, in private, in their campaign, and in the debates?

We all have a responsibility to learn about the candidates we are interested in and to show up and vote. As we do that this season, let's make sure to keep in mind women's equality.