The Messages We Tell Ourselves

Dove* has released a new campaign showing how our self talk looks from the outside. Women were asked to record their self talk and then it was used in conversations. When the women witness their comments being said to another woman, they are disturbed by how harsh it is. 

As much as I would love to say that the church combats this tendency, the messages of shame and the need for constant analysis of whether or not we are living up to God's standards can be particularly difficult for women.

Take a few moments to watch the video and remember that you are created in God's image. You are the image. You were created to reflect God into the world. Honor that reality in how you talk to yourself.


*Dove is not perfect at this. Their goal is to sell products. Sometimes their advertising campaigns for different products do not reflect the messages they create to help women feel more empowered. However, I think it is still important to think about what they are bringing up here.