Welcome to Women and Church


Women and Church is a place to share our stories. Not only the stories that we presently live, but the stories of women that have gone before and women that have shaped the life and faith of the church. We have always been there, from the very beginning. 

Whether in the garden or at the tomb, women were always some of the first humans on the scene when God has engaged with our fragile and complex story. While he could have found other ways to bring about diversity and other characters into the story; he chose to include WOMEN. 

Fully human, not partially human/partially less than, women help to define humanity and the story that we have been given. We are one of the main characters and God has called us to walk with Him on the journey.

This issue of women and church has always been divisive. From the doubts at the tomb, to removal from the priesthood, the fight to have a voice is one that continually pushes forward. To be heard, to participate, to belong, our voices must resonate. 

Join in the journey of women and church. Everyone is welcome here. 

Engage. Discover. Live.


P.S. Women and Church is still in development, so please check back to see all the site features.