charity: water

While not specifically a women's charity, the work of Charity Water helps to stabilize communities and people groups so that they can live fuller lives. This often opens the door to better health care, educational opportunities, and access to technology. A donation to charity water is a donation to help women live more stable lives.

You can learn more about charity: water here:

The Carter Center - Forum on Women

The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence and Power at The Carter Center is a platform for organizational and individual collaboration among diverse defenders of women’s and girls’ human rights as part of the Center’s Mobilizing Action for Women and Girls initiative.

This initiative encourages and supports greater efforts by scholars, activists, policymakers, and leaders of major faiths to ensure that women everywhere enjoy the same respect and protections as men.

Hope Through Healing Hands

Hope Through Healing Hands is a charity organization that sees health as a primary driver toward greater peace around the world. They seek to improve healthcare availability, education, and training around the world so that people can live fuller, healthier lives. Their primary focus is on mothers and children including things like timing and spacing of pregnancies, clean water, emergency relief, and disease control and treatment. They work with leading organizations around the world to maximize  impact on these strategic issues. 

To learn more about the work they are doing, they have put together a book on issues around Mothers and Children. The Mother and Child Project is available at your local bookseller or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or


#62milliongirls is a US government initiative to help get disadvantaged girls into schools and to help them stay in school. This program is an extension of and

Girls and young women are one of the most oppressed demographics in the world. Subject to rape and sexual assault, female genital mutilation, child marriage, sex trafficking, missing education due to menstruation, and the denial of education, many girls never complete an education before they start having babies. Educating women, giving them the ability to make money for their families and communities, is a great way to raise the standard of living for women and men around the world. Please learn more about the value of making sure women have an education.

*If you know of other organizations that help women, please feel free to submit the information on the contact page.