Voting and Women's Eqaulity

As we participate in a significant day in the life cycle of a presidential campaign, it is important to remember the views of the candidates on women's rights. While not a central issue in the current campaign language, how a candidate treats over 50% of our population does make a difference.

So as you reflect on who you want to caucus for or vote in a primary for, please reflect on how they view women.

  1. Do they treat women as equals? As human beings with great things to contribute?
  2. Do they believe that women can and should have a voice in the way our world works?
    Do they believe that women are an asset to our society?
  3. Do they believe women can only function in certain roles - primarily as homemakers and mothers? Or are they supportive of women working outside the home as well?
  4. Do they support programs and causes that protect women from abuse, rape, domestic violence, and human trafficking?
  5. Would their election to office reduce or increase the rights of women?
  6. How do they treat women? In public, in private, in their campaign, and in the debates?

We all have a responsibility to learn about the candidates we are interested in and to show up and vote. As we do that this season, let's make sure to keep in mind women's equality.